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***Services are open to anyone, regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, gender identity or expression, etc.*** 



Still dating or married twenty years, every couple experiences ups and downs. It is healthy and natural for couples to argue. The true measure of a relationship is in how conflict is resolved. Whatever the problem, whether it be lack of intimacy, frequent conflict, or anything in between, couples therapy can help partners discover the obstacles to healing and productive communication and work together to tackle problems as a team.


Like couples, families do not always get along. In healthy families, boundaries are well-defined and frequent communication is welcomed and encouraged by all parties. Even healthy families, however, struggle to find the balance when faced with additional challenges like divorce, remarriage, military relocation and deployments, and chronic illnesses. Family therapy can help define boundaries and open lines of communication so all parties feel free to vocalize their needs and seek support.

Individuals (Adults/Adolescents)

As a marriage and family therapist, I am trained to work with multiple people in session, but the same principles can be just as beneficial to individuals. Please contact me for a consulation if you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, have experienced trauma (including abuse), or are just feeling stuck. Let's figure out what is holding you back from truly enjoying life and work together to overcome. 


Gender Therapy (Children/Adolescents/Adults)


As a qualified mental health professional (as defined by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health), I am happy to provide gender therapy services to transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. These services include (but are not limited to):


  • Assessment of gender dysphoria

  • Psychotherapy to explore gender identity and preferred gender expression and treat coexisting mental health concerns

  • Family therapy to facilitate coming out, transition, or to address coexisting issues

  • Letters of support/recommendation for name/gender marker changes, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and surgery

  • Continuous support through the transition process, if applicable

  • Referrals to resources and support services

Please note: Per state law, custodial parents must provide proof of custody when seeking mental health services for minors. Please bring a copy of divorce and/or custodial agreements to your first session.

Play Therapy (10 & Younger)


Research has shown that play therapy is one of the most effective approaches to treatment when working with children age 10 and under. Play is the child's natural language, and used therapeutically can help children process experiences, learn effective strategies for coping, communicating, and navigating their worlds. In cases of trauma, play therapy is a warm, supportive environment in which children feel safe to explore traumatic experiences and learn new ways to cope with those experiences. Training for parents in how to use play therapeutically to enhance the parent-child relationship, heal interpersonal injuries, or just connect on a deeper level, is also available. 



Group therapy can be an invaluable resource for those seeking support from others facing the same struggles. This can also be a more cost-effective option than individual sessions. For children, play therapy groups can encourage the development of positive social skills. Groups will be formed based on the level of interest and availability of group members. Call or e-mail today to inquire about available groups, or to suggest a future group.



Online Sessions


Difficulty traveling to sessions should not be a barrier to accessing mental health services. For that reason, I provide online therapy sessions through HIPAA-compliant video-confering software to clients who cannot come to my office for any reason. This includes those who are home-bound, have no reliable access to a vehicle, or live outside of Wichita Falls, Texas. This service is limited to residents of Texas. Sliding scale fees apply. Call or e-mail to schedule a free video consultation.




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