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Divorce/Custody Mediation


Divorce may be the end of a marriage, but it does not have to be the end of the world. Mediation can help you and your spouse settle things on mutually-agreeable terms rather than fighting it out in court. When children are involved, this is even more important, as the needs of the children take priority over everything else. By working together with a neutral third party, it is possible to keep things amicable and make sure the needs of all parties are addressed.

Parenting Training


Parenting can be hard. From the minute you announce your pregnancy, you will receive conflicting advice from friends, relatives, even strangers, on how to deal with diaper rash, temper tantrums, poor sleepers, and every other problem you will face as a parent. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting because every child is different, but there are some techniques and approaches that are more effective than others. Parenting groups will be offered periodically, but if you prefer a more private setting, training can be completed in a series of personal, one-on-one sessions with the therapist. Call or e-mail to inquire about upcoming groups or to schedule a consultation.

Conflict Resolution


Conflict is not exclusive to couples and families. Problems at work, with roommates, or between friends can cause significant distress to individuals and relationships. With the help of a neutral mediator, many of these issues can be addressed and resolved without hostility. Call or e-mail for a consultation.



Multi-session and full-day workshops will be offered periodically. Topics to be covered include self-esteem (separate adolescent and adult groups), sex education (adolescents), female empowerment, parenting training, and creative expressions. Suggestions for future workshops are welcome.


Watch this space for news of upcoming workshops and registration information.

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