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When: TBA
Where: 4726 Old Jacksboro Highway, Suite B, Wichita Falls, TX 76302
Cost: $30 per person
Instructor: Ashley McErlean, LMFTA
Contact: (940) 257-6814

In this 2-hour mini-workshop, participants will apply creative writing concepts to regain control over their lives and develop healthy coping skills. 

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn the basics of creative writing and how these concepts can be applied to life

  • Produce an outline for the current chapter of your story

  • Identify and describe relevant characters and plot points

  • Create an in-depth hero profile and identify your antagonist

  • Learn to use a positive, active voice when telling your story that promotes self-reliance and agency

*This program can stand alone, or can serve as an introduction to a 12-week group therapy program for those who would like to further

develop the skills covered in this course.

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