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When: TBA
Where: 4726 Old Jacksboro Highway, Suite B, Wichita Falls, TX 76302
Cost: $40 per couple
Instructor: Ashley McErlean, LMFTA
Contact: (940) 257-6814

This 2-hour mini-workshop teaches couples the skills necessary to maintaining a healthy, mature relationship in which both partners' needs are met. The workshop will incorporate classroom instruction and opportunities to practice new skills.

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn new skills for communicating effectively and making your partner feel heard

  • Practice conflict-resolution techniques and learn to identify existing barriers to conflict resolution

  • Identify and build upon your relationship's strengths

  • Develop a plan for continuing relationship growth

  • Foster intimacy, friendship, and appreciation for one another

*This program is intended for couples who are struggling to communicate or are feeling out of touch or disconnected, and is not ideal for those dealing with severe relationship trauma such as infidelity or loss of a child. 

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